Kabooti Ice Coccyx Seat Cushion


Comfort sore and sensitive areas with this innovative new seat cushion! The Kabooti Ice foam seat cushion provides a complete solution to seating by combining the best features and benefits of a ring shaped donut cushion, coccyx cushion and a traditional seating wedge. Our seat cushion has a completely re-invented ergonomic design you won’t find anywhere else.  If you need a donut cushion or a coccyx cushion for medical reasons or improved lower back support, or you would like a superior seat cushion which can provide all-day comfort, this is a great choice!

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The Kabooti Ice Coccyx Seat Cushion provides therapeutic cooling comfort that is uniquely designed to relieve the pressure and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids, lower back pain, post-partum pregnancy discomfort, perineal wounds, testicular pain and post-surgery recovery. It offers the padding of traditional hemorrhoid gel seat cushions, with the added benefits of a specialized hidden, leak free ice pack.

  • Therapeutic Cooling Comfort with a Soothing and Removable “Icey Gel” insert.
  • Ices Away Discomfort Whenever and Wherever you sit!
  • Comforts and Reduces the Pressure on Your Tailbone.
  • Provides Cooling Relief for: Hemorrhoids, Post Surgery Recovery, Post-Partum Discomfort and more!

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