Brevida Cushions


The Brevida mask cushion showcases F&P AirPillow seal, which represents a unique take on the nasal pillows concept. The Brevida cushion works like a hybrid between a nasal pillows and nasal mask, with the regular nostril pillow inserts supplemented by additional cushion material that inflates around the bottom of the patient’s nose. Comprised of a soft, 0.25mm-thin silicone material, the cushion barrier provides a comfortable yet secure fit. The cushion’s extra contact area gives stabilizing side support, as well as helps reduce the pressure that can cause discomfort inside the patient’s nostrils from more conventional nasal pillows.


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Brevida Mask Cushions Features:

  • AirPillow seal with soft, ultra-thin (0.25mm) silicone material
  • Two sizes available (XS/S and M/L) with inflatable cushion adjusting to unique facial contours
  • Larger cushion contact area creates gentle, stabilizing seal in and around the base of the nose

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