Power Wheelchairs and scooters:
For patients with limited mobility within their home and who are unable to use a cane, walker, or a standard manual wheelchair, a power wheelchair may be the right solution. A power wheelchair is a motorized version of a standard wheelchair, and it is conveniently controlled by a joystick mounted on the armrest. Medoville offers fully adjustable power wheelchairs in varieties that can accommodate individuals of any size and shape. Power wheelchairs are easy to maneuve in tight spaces, and they fit well in almost any home.

Similar to a power wheelchair, a power scooter is a small-motorized vehicle that is designed to allow patients regain mobility. A scooter is controlled by a handlebar or “tiller” steering system. It requires the use of both hands, as opposed to the joystick controls of a power wheelchair.

Manual Wheelchairs
For patients with limited mobility who are unable to use a cane or walker, a manual wheelchair may be the appropriate solution. Manual wheelchairs do not include a power option. They are self or caregiver propelled. Medoville has wheelchairs in a variety of designs, to accommodate different patients’ specific medical needs.

Canes & Walkers
For patients recovering from an injury or those in need of a stability aid, a cane or walker may be the right solution. Medoville Inc canes and walkers are considered light walking aids, and they help with a patient’s weight redistribution. Canes and walkers come in a variety of shapes and sizes in order to meet all patients’ specific medical needs.