Sleep Apnea:

PAP Machines
Medoville works in partnership with top PAP manufacturers to provide quality machines for sleep apnea patients. From fixed-pressure, to auto-titrating, to bi-level pressures, our respiratory therapists will individually assess each patient’s prescription and determine which PAP machine will best treat their sleep apnea. Medoville Inc can work with patients and their insurances or Medicare to obtain a PAP machine. If a patient has been on PAP therapy for some time and their machine is over five years old, Medoville Inc can assist them in getting a new one through insurance.

Portable PAP Machines
Medoville Inc’s line of Transcend is the first portable PAP device designed completely around user lifestyle to give PAP patients the freedom to sleep anywhere. These small, lightweight portable PAP devices are about the size of a soda can and have portable battery options the size of a deck of cards for easy packing and toting.

CPAP Supplies
In addition to PAP machines, patients will need masks and supplies such as tubing, headgear, mask pillows or cushions, humidifier chambers, and PAP machine filters. These PAP supplies are vital to achieving optimal sleep hygiene and comfort during PAP therapy.

The type of PAP supplies each patient needs will depend on their brand of machine and mask, the replacement schedule for each type of supplies is the same. Replacing PAP supplies at their scheduled times will ensure they remain free of bacteria build-up and help the patient adhere to compliance standards. Medoville inc will work with patients and their insurance companies to provide coverage for replacing PAP supplies at the suggested replacement intervals. For patients without insurance or with high deductible plans, Medoville Inc provides a cash-pay service.