How We Work

What is a DME?

If you’re new to using a DME, we’re here to help! Medoville is a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Provider. Medicare typically defines durable medical equipment through the following guidelines:

  • The medical equipment withstands repeated use.
  • The medical equipment is used for medical purposes to improve a diagnosed condition, whether ongoing or temporary.
  • It is prescribed for an illness or injury and used in a home care setting.

Only a doctor or qualified medical professional can prescribe medical equipment for a patient.

Here’s a brief look at how our DME system works!

  • Once we receive a prescription from your doctor, we’ll begin working on your order immediately!
  • We’ll contact your insurance providers(s) for authorization and to determine your financial responsibility (if any).

If you would like to learn more about our company, please visit our about us page. If you have any questions for our staff, please feel free to contact us!